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About Bioiks

Bioiks d.o.o. is a production company with long tradition. For its strategic partners it produces biomedical products in clean rooms. The mission of, in 1995 established company, is a high – volume production with the finest quality at reasonable price.  management text

Slovenian newspaper house DNEVNIK has been for several years implementing a media campaign in which the main players are fast – growing Slovenian companies. They are called ‘gazelles’ – fast animals with elegant jumps. Every year the Selection Committee reviews revenue growth, number of employees, revenue growth per employee and possible media response.

In 2004 Bioiks d.o.o. was awarded a ‘golden gazelle of central Slovenian region’ prize. In the final competition for selection of Slovenian gazelles, Bioiks was second and became the winner of the 2004 SILVER GAZELLE.

Bioiks produces disposable biomedical products, like plastic lines and accessories for hemodialysis, plastic lines and accessories for peritoneal dialysis, PVC drainage bags and solution bags. The high – volume production of drainage bags for hemodialysis lines, as well as production of hemodialysis and peritoneal solution bags puts company Bioiks on the top of European manufacturers of the bags for such applications.  presentation text